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Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime with Tobyn and Loli!







We offer tours of Spain!

Picture yourself basking in the golden sunlight of Southern Spain, we're not just offering trips; we're offering experiences that will ignite your soul and leave you craving more.

Imagine lounging by our tranquil pool, the cares of the world slipping away as you sip on a refreshing local wine..

But that's just the beginning. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of local dishes, each bite a revelation of the region's rich culinary heritage.   And for the adventurous spirit within you, saddle up for a thrilling horseback ride through the rugged beauty of the Alpujarras, where every twist and turn reveals a new breathtaking vista.


For those with a passion for capturing the moment, the Sierra Nevada beckons with its awe-inspiring landscapes, we can arrange photography tours that will leave you speechless.

With Tobyn and Loli, every moment is an invitation to embrace the extraordinary. So pack your bags, leave the ordinary behind, and join us for a journey that will leave you spellbound at every turn.

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Your next tour with us!

Experience real Spain August 31st - September 11th  2024

11 Days, 5 Locations! room with one other person

$2,699 (without fights) payment plan available!

Authentic Spain

Its time to visit the real Spain with Tobyn & Loli! You'll discover some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  Come and walk through areas not on the tourist treadmill and discover the hidden gems of this stunning culture!  Enjoy the hustle and bustle of local marketplaces.  Laze on the most beautiful beaches, try Sangria and cocktails and party all night in the nearby bars!

Spain for you!

  • Visit Madrid! The most stunning architecture and enjoy cafe life

  • Wander through the once Roman colony of Cordoba!

  • See Granada with the world famous moroccan architecture of the Alhambra

  • Head to Loli & Tobyn's hotel in the mountains with local wine, paella & of course lounge by our pool!

  • Hit the coast... the stunning Andulcia!

What is included

  • 9 nights in accommodations

  • 9 breakfasts

  • 5 dinners

  • Tobyn & Loli's local expertise

  • 24/7 Support

  • Tours with a local guide in Madrid & Cordeba 

  • Entrance to the Alhambra Cuevas de Nerja Caves


  • day 1- Travel to Madrid, Spain (flight to Spain, not included in the price)

  • day 2 - Arrive in Madrid meet Tobyn & Loli and head out for a welcome meal in the city center!

  • day 3 - In the morning a guided tour of the historical capital + time to explore

  • day 4 - A fond farewell to Madrid as we board the train to Cordoba!  Check out this ancient Roman city.

  • day 5 - Wander the streets with a local guide and learn more about this beautiful place

  • day 6 - All aboard the express train to the moroccan inspired city of Granada! Admire the breathtaking architecture

  • day 7 - We are off to see the Alhambra Palace! After lunch we'll take a private coach to Loli & Tobyn's hotel in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevada

  • day 8 - Enjoy a more relaxed pace in the Apujarran mountains, before a visit to the local winery for some wine tasting!   In the evening it's party timeback at the hotel!  Live music and homemade pizza and late night drinks !

  • day 9 - We hit the 'med' and explore Cuevas de Nerja caves before we beach it for the afternoon!  

  • day 10 - We are heading back to Madrid via train!....Its our final night in Spain with our farewell dinner in the evening

  • day 11 - flights home with a ton of life changing memories (flight to home, not included in the price)

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